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Welcome to UV Water Filter, your online supplier of a wide range of uv system and products such as domestic UV water filters, UV units, UV lamps and more. Our vast range of UV disinfection system equipment and spare parts means that you can find everything you need to install and maintain an effective UV system with ease. Our product range isn’t exclusively on the website, so if there’s a UV lamp replacement, quartz sleeve or UV filter or higher/lower capacity unit that you need that isn’t listed, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you that same day.

Atlas Water Filter S Standard UV + Filter Combo

After requests from our customers, we have started selling these standard combo packages for 1-3 bedroom homes. They include a WRAS approved UV unit and pre-filter set, the standard package also comes complete with a pack of 6 filter cartridges.

£390.00  inc. VAT   Learn More

Atlas Water Filter LLarge UV + Filter Combo

Our WRAS approved Large UV combo is our most popular package and ideally suited to treat the bigger 3-4 bedroom family home.

£550.00  inc. VAT   Learn More

Atlas Water Filter XLExtra Large UV + Filter Combo

The complete extra large ‘combo’ package is great for 4-5 bedroom homes, They include a WRAS approved UV unit, pre-filter set and filter cartridge offers a great saving on a big piece of equipment.

£695.00  inc. VAT   Learn More

Domestic UV disinfection is a technology that is rapidly gaining popularity in a ’Green’ focused economy. Utilising UV water treatment leaves no taint in regards to taste, colour or odour and doesn’t introduce or produce chemicals or residues in the Ultra-violet treated water. Disinfection using UV light is quick and clean and no bacteria, virus or mould is immune to the destructive power of UV lamps.

A domestic UV disinfection unit, sometimes referred to as a ‘UV steriliser’ ‘UV reactor’ or ‘UV water filter’, is made up of a stainless steel chamber that houses UV lamps which are connected to a controller. To protect the lamps during the UV water treatment process, the ultra violet lamps are housed inside a special water proof test tube made of very pure quartz (usually called a quartz sleeve). UV lamps are specifically manufactured to emit UV light at 254 nm, which is the most easily producible wavelength that has been proven to be lethal to DNA in the cells of the bacteria. The UV lamp breaks the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing and effectively killing it. UV water filters are often used for water disinfection instead of Chlorine which is used in municipal water treatment plants. It can also be used to disinfect air in duct work and rooms, as well as the surface of cartons, packaging and conveyors and can go as far as treating the actual surfaces of the food product too, without causing any harm to the product itself. All in all, UV disinfection has proven itself to be a most effective form of sterilisation.

We have the equipment available in house to carry out UV Transmission testing.  This ensures that we can size your UV system/ unit correctly if you are unsure of your water quality.

In addition to our most popular items that are available online, we are also a major stockist of replacement parts used in most makes of UV water filter equipment. Examples include Hanovia, UV Systems, Hydrotec, Hydropur, Aquafine, Wedeco, Aquada, Sterilight, R-Can, Viqua, Xylem, Willand and more.

Examples of some equivalent part numbers and their original OEM’s are as follow:

Sterilight / R-Can Part codes

S212RL, S287RL, S330RL, S463RL, S810RL, S36RL, S100RL-HO,SHO100RL, S150RL-HO, SHO150RL, S200RL-HO, SHO200RL, S320RL-HO, SHO320RL, S410RL-HO, SHO410RL, S600RL-HO, SHO600RL, S740RL-HO, SHO740RL, S950RL-HO, SHO950RL, QS-100, QS-150, QS-200, QS-212, QS-212D, QS-001, QS-287D, QS-330, QS-320, QS-330D, QS-410, QS-463, QS-600, QS-740, QS-810, QS-950, QS-012.


Van Remmen Part Codes

151801, 121101, 155001, 158001, 121202, 121203, 121206, 121280, 123251, 410425, 410525, 410526, 410928, 410930, 411034, 411080, 411301, 411650.

Trojan UVMAX Part Codes

602803, 602804, 602805, 602806, 602807, 602854, 602855, 602856, 602974, 602975, 602976, 602730, 602731, 602732, 602733, 602734, 650137, 650138, 650139, 650140, 650141, 650142, 650143, 650144, 650145, 650146, 650147, 650149, 602725, 602726, 602727, 602728 & 602729.

Aquafine Part Codes
3010, 3011, 3050, 3084, 3070, 3087, 3098, 3095, 16676, 17491, 17498, 17820, 17998, 18024, 18059, 18063, 3110, 3150, 3184, 3198, 18347, 18348, 18057, 17751, 19882, 4125, 4253, 12422.


Wedeco & Aquada Part Codes
NLR1825WS, NLR1845WS, NLR1880WS, QTZ33646, QTZ36648, QTZ36650, SEA35492, SLR2581, SLR2581V, SLR25100, SLR25113, SLR25143, SLR32143.


Hydrotec / Hydropur Part Codes
PL 36, Ecolux 20N, Ecolux 30N, Ecolux 40N for Hydropur Compact 1G, Hydropur Compact 2G, Hydropur Compact 5G, Hydropur Compact 10G, Hydropur Select 15, Hydropur Select 20, Hydropur Select 30, Hydropur Select 50, Hydropur Select 70, Hydropur Select 120, Hydropur Select 150, Hydropur Select 220, Hydropur Standard B30, Hydropur Standard B50, Hydropur Standard B70, Hydropur Standard B90.


Hanovia Part Codes
130015-5001-01, 130015-5001-02, 130015-1001-02, 130015-1002-02, 130015-2001-02, 130027-2002-01, 130015-2002-02, 130015-2005-02, 130015-3001-02, 130015-3005-02, 130015-4001-02, 130015-3003-02, 130027-5001-01, 130027-1003-01, 130027-1002-01, 130027-1001-01, 130027-2001-01, 130016-3001-02, 130027-3001-01, 130016-6001-02, 130016-4002-02, 130029-3001-01, 130031-3001-01, 130059-0270-01, 130035-0652-01, 130033-0652-01, 130033-0181-01, 130034-0361-01, 130035-0651-01, 130033-0651-01, 130028-0002-01, 63023, 73541, 302203-0840-01, 320822-1175-01, 320204-1028-01, 320193-0558-01, 320193-1028-01, 320003-0900-01.

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