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AS20 Air Disinfection System

The AirSterile system is perfect for the disinfection of viruses and bacteria in closed environments.

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Product Description

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In light of the recent demand on our air handling products, here is a small disinfection system for use in small areas of around 20m².

These air disinfection units are completely safe for use in an area of continuous occupation such as care home bedrooms, waiting rooms and decontamination rooms. Poor ventilation, incontinence and medical conditions create bacteria, and in many cases even regular cleaning and disinfecting are simply not enough. The addition of masking agents can make odours worse and do nothing to control the spread of microorganisms.

  • User friendly UV lamp connector (no extra tools needed).  Lamp replacement can be done without interrupting the installation.
  • Systems has an easy visual check to show that the UV lamp is on.
  • Reliable low pressure UV lamps with a 9000 hour (just over 1 year) life
  • Highly efficient design helps to ensure that the maximum volume of air is evenly treated
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment
  • Full UK backup and after sales support

The AS20 UV unit provides a full disinfection dosage of 30 mJ/cm², more than enough to kill all common bacteria and viruses, ensuring a good, safe source of air for you and your family.  The high quality anodised Aluminium casing is the latest design to make for an aesthetically pleasing installation.

The state of the art colour interface provides constant monitoring of the UV unit for complete peace of mind.  Useful feedback and warnings via it’s blue light system makes the UV disinfection unit easy to use and understand.

Manufactured to a high quality specification, these UV disinfection units are fully CE certified.  The staff at UVO3 are some of the most experienced people in the UV industry worldwide and they have used their wealth of knowledge to source the best product to use in this type of applcation.

We also offer solutions to larger areas than this (up to full factory scale) but you would need to contact us directly with some more information on the application.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x AS20 UV Disinfection unit (345 x 185 x 95mm)
  • 1 x UV Lamp for 1 year constant running
  • 1 x Brackets and fixings

Please contact us to enquire about bulk buying discounts or rental agreements.

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